The Project Team

The Project Team

Renovating a historic building in this condition is not for the faint of heart. The project team that has been assembled is made of people drawn to the complex, the knotty, the thorny and labyrinthine. They are each able to see the property and imagine the impossible, and have the skills to make the impossible possible.

Mark Ours, the principal of Mode Architects, has designed a concept that positions an addition on the north side of the property to house an elevator, making all of the floors accessible. As the building was modified over and over, rooms were added at ground level, and ground-level-and-a-half – not to mention a basement, and a reconfigured attic. Ours has designed the space for adaptive reuse by a nonprofit, while preserving the proportions and few remaining features that convey the historical, cultural, and architectural values of the building.

Carl Jennings, an architect and project manager with a resume of projects as familiar as Ameriflora ’92, and as exotic as a hospital in Shanghai, China, will oversee the development, coordinating the design, engineering, construction, permitting, utilities, and countless other details of the integrated construction process.

Katharine Moore, the Executive Director of the Jefferson Avenue Center, has been given the extraordinary opportunity to identify a tenant organization to occupy the Good Haus. Having managed the Jefferson Center’s 57,000 square feet portfolio for 15 years, her instincts have resulted in dozens of long-term affiliations with nonprofit organizations — from Huckleberry House and The Columbus Literacy Council, to Eckerd Workforce Development and Cartoon Connection Columbus. Moore says finding the perfect fit is more about relationships and attention to mission, than an analysis of balance sheets or a count of cubicles.

Lehman Daman, a construction company held in the highest esteem for over 70 years, and now affiliated with the Rudolph Libbe Group, will build out the plan.

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